Darin Quan, Director / Cinematographer / Composer


Official Selection: 2016 Hollyweb Festival, NYC WebFest, Brooklyn WebFest

In Third Wheel, best friends and roommates Lu (Sarah duRivage-Jacobs) and Kate  (Stephanie Iscovitz) go their separate ways after Kate moves in with her fiancé, Geoff (Joe Minchik). But when Lu’s new roommate falls through at the last minute, she’s forced to crash with the happy couple. In one misstep after the next, the self-indulgent writer pushes her boundaries with uptight Geoff, inviting a potential love interest with a rage problem into their home, turning the apartment into an Etsy factory and getting kicked out of a library. With Kate stuck in the middle, the trio quickly realizes three’s a crowd. 'Third Wheel' is an original comedy series about learning how to share your best friend with their better half.

Directed, Shot, Edited and Scored by Darin